HCSRN 2024 Conference Materials


An Overview of Bias and Fairness in Algorithmic Models
David M. Kent, MD, MS


State of the Network and Award Presentation
Michael Horberg, MD, MAS, FACP, FIDSA, HCSRN Governing Board Chair


Funding Priorities and Funding Strategies: Insights and Information from National Funders
Brent Sandmeyer, MPH; Nathan Stinson, Jr., PhD, MD, MPH; Steven Clauser, PhD, MPA, Jamae Morris, PhD MA


Building Meaningful and Sustainable Engagement in Research: PCORI's Foundational Expectations for Partnerships


1. Evaluating Tools of Multimorbidity Associated with Healthcare Outcomes between Older White and Black Patients
Jinmyoung Cho, Jeffrey Scherrer, Joanne Salas

2. Nurses’ Role in Facilitating Earlier Detection of Cognitive Impairment in Primary Care
Michelle Jurado

3. Knee Osteoarthritis Prevalence in a Novel Cohort of Veterans
Sarah Gebauer, Jeffrey Scherrer, Joanne Salas, Leigh Callahan

4. Characterizing Recruitment Outreach for a Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Study (RESOLVE Study)
Musu Sesay, Courtney McCracken

5. Reduced emergency department use among insured individuals receiving extended-release buprenorphine in a health system setting
Bobbi Jo Yarborough

6. PTSD Symptom Type, Severity, and Diabetes Outcomes in a Sample of Veterans with Comorbid PTSD and Type 2 Diabetes
Joanne Salas, Jeffrey Scherrer

7. Cardiovascular-Related Medication Synchronization in Patients Living with HIV, Comorbidities, and Suboptimal Adherence: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Michael Miller, Celeena Jefferson, Jared Williamson, Jennifer Heliste, John Spain, Keyani Adigun, Nate Spence, Susan Sporrer

8. Evaluation of the Impact of an Adult Medical Care Coordination Intervention on Patient Activation (No poster image provided)
Samuel Savitz

9. Estimating Underdiagnosis Using the Electronic Health Record: A Long COVID Case Study
Jana Hirschtick

10. A Hybrid Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Model for Early Detection of Acute Coronary Syndrome
Joshua Emakhu

11. Sex and Race/Ethnicity Variation in Worsening Heart Failure in Kaiser Permanente Southern California, 2014-2019
Matthew Mefford, Chengyi Zheng, Rishi Parikh, Rong Wei

12. Alternatives to SAS: Using Python with the VDW
Alphonse Derus, Daniel Vaughn

13. Implementation of a Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Program; Satisfaction, Strengths, and Further Opportunities for Improvement
Jacob Abrahams

14. Suicide Risk Prediction Algorithms: A New Tool for Teen Suicide Prevention?
Julie Richards

15. Rethinking Patient Satisfaction Survey Workflow at JWCH Downey
Olivia Goodman, Deshae Gehr

17. Research Authorization and Protocol Review (RAPR): A Centralized Research Review Model for a Midwest Health System
Angela Navarrete-Opazo

18. Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on in-person versus telehealth visit among patients with mental health conditions
Lisiyu Ma

19. Social Connectedness Experiences of Mothers during the Postpartum Period in Nepal
Christina Juan

20. Examining the Association of Social Needs with Diabetes-Mellitus Outcomes among an Older Population
David Mosen, Erin Keast, John Dickerson, Matthew Banegas

21. Patient Portal Engagement and Impact on Blood Pressure Control
Nicole Glowacki

22. Adapting Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring among Underserved Communities (ASPIRE): Program Evaluation and Customer Discovery
Rasha Alkhatib

23. Anthrax Awareness and Vaccination Knowledge Among Emergency Personnel in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Area
John Dubois

24. Unveiling Behavioral Beliefs: Anthrax Vaccine Knowledge and Uptake Among Emergency Responders in Saint Louis, Missouri
John Dubois

25. Sadly, Planetary Boundaries Are a New Frontier for Clinical Medicine
Bruce Krawisz

26. Implementation Success of Interventions Addressing Social Needs in Primary Care: A Systematic Review Using the RE-AIM/PRISM Framework (No poster image provided)
Iridian Guzman


27. Member Participation in RESOLVE Study - A Large Pragmatic Clinical Trial for Non-Cancer Chronic Pain
Musu Sesay, Courtney McCracken

28. Does lower opioid prescription interventions lead to decreased subsequent opioid use among post-operative patients?
Xiaowei (Sherry) Yan

29. Differentiating clinician approaches to opioid risk discussions for patients with OUD using archetypes informed by patient perspectives
Katrina Romagnoli, Andrei Bucaloiu, Clayton Allen, Lorraine Tusing

30. Marijuana Use Documentation within Electronic Health Records (EHRs) at an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN): A Cross-Sectional Study
Apoorva Pradhan

32. Real-World Impact of Eliminating Race in the CKD-EPI equation on Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Patients in Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States(KPMAS)
Karishma Narendra Mohadikar, Eric, Watson, Michael Horberg

33. Using a Novel Community Based Participatory Research Design to Investigate the Underdiagnosis of Long COVID Among Black Americans
Kevin Petranu

34. Identifying Race, Ethnicity, and Culture Using Surveys - Opportunities for Improving Inclusivity in Research
Lauren Nisotel

35. Inequitable Treatment Continued: Disparities in COVID-19 At-Home Treatment for Black Patients
Xiawei (Sherry) Yan, Frances Patmon, Jaspreet Dhilon, Jennifer Daza

36. Examining Racial Disparities in the CDC Vaccination Composite Measure
Sundeep Barsa

38. National Area Deprivation Index as a Predictor of Adherence to Bone Mineral Density Screening Among Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients (No poster image provided)
Iridian Guzman

39. A qualitative study of experiences of mixed modality prenatal and postnatal care among leaders, providers, and birthing people during early COVID-19
Anna Piazza

40. Evaluating the accuracy of infant weight and length measurements from electronic health records for use in maternal vaccination safety studies
Gabriela Vazquez Benitez

42. Self-Reported Survey Results about Experience of Virtual Reality Headset on Reducing Anxiety in Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic
Amandeep Mann

43. Telehealth Readiness Among Patient Portal Users in Community-Based Health Centers
Carmit Mcmullen, Dave Boston, John Dickerson, Rachel Gold, Rose Gunn, Shelby Watkins, Stefan Massimino, Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Suparna  Navale

44. Clinician Perceptions on Predictive Risk Scores and the Use of MARKER-HF (Machine learning Assessment of RisK and EaRly mortality in Heart Failure) page 1, page 2, page 3page 4
Diamonne Mitchell

45. Differences in Prescribed Medications and Follow-Up Healthcare Use Among Primary Care Patients with In-Person, Video, and Phone Visits
Amanda Luff

46. Robust accrual of adults with diabetes to support weight management in primary care
Heidi Ekstrom

47. Implementing Tableau Cloud at KPNW-CHR (no poster image provided)
Phillip Crawford

49. A Content Analysis of Marijuana-Related Discussions through Patient Portal Messages
Vishal Shetty, Christina Gregor

50. Determining the Association Between Residential Segregation and Paxlovid Prescription Orders and Fills Among KPGA Adults with COVID-19 Infection
Jasmine Berry, Alexander Hudgins, Franchesca Amor Aguilar, Jenn  Gander

51. Supporting Physician Research: A Scientific Writer Role within a Large Integrated Health System
Clayton Bishop

52. Evaluating Recruitment Strategies for a Longitudinal Cohort Recruitment Across Four Geographically Diverse Integrated Healthcare Systems
Heather Feigelson

53. Development and Validation of an HPV Vaccine Hesitancy Tool for Adults in the United States: A Step Towards Addressing Public Health and Preventative
Megan Kalinowski

54. Pharmacogenomics knowledge and perceptions among pharmacists embedded in Medicare-only primary care clinics
Ryley Uber